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We serve survivors of violent sexual oppression.

At Jeevan Aadhar we are a company that takes social responsibility seriously. We serve survivors of violent sexual oppression (including human trafficking, child marriage and sexual exploitation). Survivors deserve the opportunity to be restored to dignity and purpose. We believe that with care, time and community support, they are able to recover and thrive – living full, restored, reintegrated lives.

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We start by nourishing and creating hope.

Knowing that each young woman is unique and precious, we paint a picture of hope that gives our survivors strength, boldness and perseverance to live courageously and pursue their dreams. Jeevan Aadhar fosters personal empowerment through education, vocational and life skills training, and trauma counseling.

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The goal is personal freedom & independence.
We want our young women to:

  • Understand that the most important resources come from within.

  • Become stable and self-sufficient, emotionally and financially.

  • Feel empowered to confront obstacles.

  • Live a restored life of dignity where they can positively contribute to society.

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Community is critical.

Throughout the entire journey, the community is an integrated, essential part of the survivors’ support structure and development. The community provides a nurturing, supportive environment that enables sustained growth and independence.

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Online Class

At Jeevan Aadhar, this supportive community for our beneficiaries extends globally. We have created a third culture of excellence that unites the best local and international expertise to bring valuable resources, knowledge and skills to the young women and our staff.   They are exposed to this through online and in-person interactions with global and local experts.

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