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Through our comprehensive educational programs, which include English classes, educational tutoring, admission assistance, tuition support and computer classes, we offer a pathway to a brighter future. By equipping individuals with essential knowledge and skills, we not only help them regain control of their lives but also pave the way for them to become active participants in society.

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Home Skills

We acknowledge the significance of practical skills for independent living. Our home skills program covers essential tasks like cooking and cleaning, empowering survivors with the knowledge and confidence to manage their own households. Moreover, we provide a stipend to assist individuals in developing these skills, guaranteeing they have the resources necessary to thrive on their journey toward independence and self-sufficiency.

Life Skills

Life skills are crucial for rebuilding and resilience. Our sessions encompass coping strategies, communication and self-care. Group counselling nurtures support and learning, while professional counselling offers personalized guidance. We provide safe housing for healing, job training for employment and extra income opportunities for independence.

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