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Success Stories

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Reintegrated - July 2018

Having lost her father at a young age, and constantly abused by her stepmother, Annu fled home at the age of 8. She spent most of her childhood at a governmental shelter before she entered Jeevan Aadhar at 18. At Jeevan Aadhar, she found encouragement and a positive atmosphere, helping her to discover her gifts and calling. She had the opportunity to develop her life skills & English speaking among other vocational training. Eventually, she also completed her Hospitality Management Course, landing her a good job. Today she is happily married to a wonderful man and has a beautiful family of her own.



Reintegrated - Feb 2021

Prema was sold into the flesh trade by her stepfather at a young age. When she first arrived at Jeevan Aadhar, She was a very quiet person, hardly spoke and lacked confidence. However, with the love, support, encouragement and therapeutic counselling she received at Jeevan Aadhar, she managed to overcome her troubled past. She not only completed her graduation but also achieved a Master's Degree in Social Work. Currently she is associated with a well-known institution, working as a social worker and helping other girls like her to build confidence and step out of the vicious circle.

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