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Violent sexual oppression

A global problem that requires dedicated people to fight to end it across the world. You can make a difference in a variety of ways.

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Prevent Abuse

It is important that everyone works together to prevent the exploitation of women and children by protecting the most vulnerable. Here are some ways that you can help prevent abuse.

  • Work with community leaders, organizations, schools and police to ensure that child protection is a priority.

    • Build awareness about abuse taking place.

    • Speak out against harmful practices and attitudes and inform the police of the abuse when you encounter it.

  • Get trained in child protection strategies that help you recognize, report and response to abuse against children. 

  • Regularly hold conversations in your home with family members and children about the protection of children’s and women’s rights to safety.

  • Educate others within your communities, schools and local organizations.

  • Create a child protection committee within your community.

  • This committee would serve as educators and advocates. They can look out for signs of abuse and advocate for police protection.

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