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Get answers to common questions

Need a quick answer to a frequently asked question? We’ve got you covered.

  • Can any woman be a part of your program?
    At Jeevan Aadhar our Admissions team assesses each individual young woman that is being considered for our program to ensure they can be successful in our program. We do not discriminate against any young woman due to race, religion or caste.
  • How are women referred to your program?
    We partner with various aftercare homes for minor girls. These homes and other aftercare organizations refer young women to us who are turning 18 and would benefit from our program.
  • How long does it take for a woman to go through your program?
    It depends on each women’s unique needs. An average length of time in our program is 2-3 years. We are constantly working to move women along the bridge towards independence, so we begin preparing them for reintegration as soon as they enter our homes.
  • What does “reintegration” look like?
    Reintegration looks different for each young woman. Some who have graduated from our homes are now married and starting to have children of their own. Others have moved home with their families. Others have jobs and are living and working independently.
  • What is a “group home?”
    A group home is a place where four to six young women, ages 18-26, live together under the supervision of a house mother.
  • Can the women leave the group home?
    Yes, all of our beneficiaries are staying in our homes on their own free will. When women enter our homes, they sign a contract that outlines the relational expectations both from us and them. While they are in our homes, they agree to our group home rules. It is their choice to be with us, and if they desire to leave the home, they are free to do so.
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