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Times of India, July 7 2021

The Heart

India is ranked one of the most dangerous countries for women.*

Many women and children are impacted by violent sexual oppression including human trafficking , child marriage, rape and sexual exploitation.

Government and non-governmental organizations are going into brothels and other dark places for rescues. After the rescue, survivors may enter government and aftercare homes to meet their needs.

Preparing survivors for sustainable reintegration is very difficult.   The lack of preparation and the negative social stigma within the community puts survivors at high risk of further oppression.

*Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation 2011

It is critical that survivors get holistic care to regain confidence, recover from the effects of oppression and rebuild their lives. There is a need for transitional care that specializes in supporting survivors who are not ready for reintegration.

Through family style group homes, Jeevan Aadhar provides transitional care to survivors who are not ready for reintegration. Our homes empower survivors to heal physically and emotionally in a secure environment. The goal is to prepare them for reintegration and empower them to move forward with their lives. The care is based on the survivor’s individual needs and includes access to medical health care, trauma care, education, vocational training, soft skills and life skills training.

Image by Annie Spratt
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